Warranty Policy

In Bargain Downunder, we comply with the Australian Consumer law for all our new and used products. Automatic Australian consumer guarantees apply to the new products regardless of any other warranties from the suppliers.

We make sure the used products are:

  • of an acceptable quality and appearance,
  • safe to use,
  • free from defects,
  • good enough to perform the job reasonably
  • matching their description.

The quality of a used good is determined by it's age, price and condition. For example, if you buy a 1 year old second-hand fridge advertised as '1 year old fridge with some minor scratches' for $500 you'd expect it to work for several years to come where as if you buy a 12 years old fridge advertised as '12 years old fridge' for $50 you may expect it to need some repairs within the next 6 to 12 months or so depending upon the condition of the product.

Consumer Guarantee for Defective Products

In Bargain Downunder, we understand that you maynot be able to physically examine the goods personally before purchasing them.

Guarantee of acceptable quality still applies so long as the defects are explicitly described. For example, we will not be liable to you for defect for selling a guitar with a broken string so long as we explicitly describe it as 'a guitar with a broken string' with a photograph explicitly showing what is broken.

Consumer guarantee still applies to you if you could not have noticed the good’s defect, even with the most thorough inspection. The age, price and condition of a used good determine the level of inspection required. For example, a 6 years old electric drill machine requires a closer inspection than a relatively new one.

Consumer guarantee do not apply to you if you:

  • can physically examine goods before purchasing them and consequently find any defects or knew of or were made aware of the faults before buying the product,
  • misused a product in any way that caused the problem,
  • got what you asked for but simply changed your mind, found it cheaper somewhere else, decided you did not like the purchase or had no use for it.